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The following are proposals for services in the financial arena that may be offered as an ancillary part of current services, or alternatively as independent services. The areas have been grouped into three major service lines, namely Legal and Secretarial, Financial and Accounting, and Operations and Logistics.


Legal and Secretarial

Company secretary services

Incorporation of companies

Corporate domiciliation

Trusts – formation and management

Consultancies on company structures

Building of Group companies and re-grouping, subject to particular requirements

Annual Return submissions and liaisons with the various statutory authorities

Intermediaries and ‘Hand-holding’ services for new investors, especially for start-ups


Financial and Accounting

The provision of Accounting and Financial services to clients, local and foreign, may be classified as the largest service line for this activity. It essentially incorporates various operating models, from initial consultancies, to assistance with banks and other stakeholders, to fully-fledged outsourcing of the accounting function, and the reporting thereon.


Basic accounting services, the compilation and submission of VAT and other tax-related services, the preparation for external audits, and the support offered in Payroll and the filing thereof are all services that may be offered.


The use of various accounting software packages will allow the operation to assimilate and converge towards the client. An initial analysis of the needs and requirements will follow with a proposal for services, and the exploration of added-value services. The mapping out of existing processes will then allow for a detailed action plan for roll-out.


Taxation, both direct and indirect, is a crucial service offering. With the involvement of other associates, this area is to be explored in full to offer a complete suite of services to clients. From personal tax analysis and planning, to corporate assistance in the filing of statutory and periodic tax returns and payments, the opportunity to maximize client worth is real.


Additional services offered will included the maintenance of banking relationships on behalf of clients, cashflow administration, more specialized financing requirements, preparation of business projections, assistance to clients in negotiations with banks, the provision of a brokering service for corporate financing, re-financing, and other ad hoc requirements.


Back-Office Administration Is becoming an interesting development in today’s business operational set-up. More companies and organizations are looking at out-sourcing their mundane back office function to allow them to concentrate on what they know best – the operation. This area of growth will allow the Unit to maximize resources, thus offering a competitive and efficient service. Resources can increase according to the volume requirements through a coherent network of associates and flexi-time recruitment possibilities. Credit management is an area that needs attention. Various organizations are lacking on this aspect. Whilst financial institutions are offering new products to alleviate the credit squeeze faced by most entities, especially in the service industries, there does not seem to be a great take-up. The actual understanding of the processes and the smooth management of same is the success factor that may be promoted.


KYC (Know Your Customer) services may be developed over the years to allow organizations to check out in depth on their clients’ trustworthiness, on their suppliers’ integrity and financial and operational strength; and on potential partners and service providers. This new area of growth has to be seen in the light of the current rapid growth in internet-based service offerings, gaming solutions and proposals, and other ICT projects.